Circuit Length: 4.352 miles (7.004km)

2018 Result: 6th
2017 Result: Pole Position, 1st (LMP2)

  • Jules de Their and Henri Langlois Van Ophem are the men to thank for this revered circuit - they designed the original nine-mile track in 1920, which ran on public roads between Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot.
  • The Spa 24 Hours was first run at the circuit in 1924, with the first grand prix taking place a year later.
  • Hermann Lang held the lap record on the original circuit of 5m04.1s, which was set in a Daimler Benz in 1937. In its current configuration Sebastian Vettel holds the lap record of 1m47.263s, set in his 2009 Red Bull.
  • Spa-Francorchamps is located in the Ardennes region, an area of extensive forest that stretches beyond Belgium into Luxembourg, Germany and France.
  • During World War Two Allied generals felt that the region was impenetrable to armoured traffic. But the German Army twice used the area as an invasion route into northern France and southern Belgium.


Obviously Spa is well up there as one of the greatest tracks in the world. The corners are fantastic. Spa doesn't need much bigging up. It looks fantastic and it is fantastic. All the corners are amazing and most are flowing and high speed. The rain factor depends on what situation you're in. If you've been quick all weekend and you're on pole you probably don't want to have any change. But if you're struggling you don't mind a bit of weather to even things up. It's so difficult to call which way the weather will go.