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Alex Lynn has gained more recognition by topping Autosport magazine’s GP3 drivers of 2014 list.

In Charles Bradley’s top 10, GP3 champion Lynn headed Dean Stoneman, Jimmy Eriksson, Richie Stanaway and Marvin Kirchhofer.

Bradley wrote: “Lynn has to top this list for his sheer domination and consistency.

“He is perhaps GP3’s most convincing champion thus far – certainly in terms of points scored.

“His air of quiet confidence proved well placed, amid the backdrop of the pressure that the Red Bull Junior status places on a young driver. Did he ever look like losing this? No. Would he have preferred to wrap it up before qualifying for the season finale at Abu Dhabi? Most definitely.

“He carried over that glorious Macau GP success at the end of 2013 to keep his career on its glidepath. What next is now down to his fizzy-drink paymasters, because he certainly held up his part of the bargain in emulating Daniil Kvyat, but he’s out of their immediate F1 plans.”

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